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Character Creation Information

Stat Generation

You can choose one of two methods for stat generation:

  • Roll 4d6 in order (any order of your choosing). Stats may not be moved after they have been generated for the specified ability.
    • If the stats rolled are extremely low (my discretion), I may allow you to reroll.
    • If the stats rolled are too high (my discretion), I may force you to reroll them (or use the point buy method instead, your choice).
  • Assign 28 points using the point buy method.

Creating a Second (or third or fourth or...) Character

If you choose to roll 4d6 for your stats, and your character dies before he reaches 4th level, you must use the same stats rolled for the dead character. However, I will randomly reassign the rolls to other stats. If I think your death was completely unavoidable (or extremely unlucky), at my discretion, I may:

  • Allow you to put the rolled stats in an order of your choosing or the same order.
  • Allow you to roll up a completely new character.

To be perfectly clear, this rule is instituted to "discourage" character suicides if the 4d6 rolls aren't what the player hoped for. Remember, you had the option to Point Buy your stats, and didn't.

To be perfectly clear: this rule only holds until the character reaches 4th level.

Starting Level for New (or Replacement) Characters

New or replacement characters start at half the current party mean, rounded down. New characters roll normal starting gold and, if above 1st level, will receive one item of my choice.

Characters significantly below the party mean will receive bonus XP to help them catch up. Characters above the party mean will receive no XP modifications, allowing them to keep all hit points they would normally receive.