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Iron Kingdoms-specific Classes and Prestige Classes

This is an incomplete list of the special classes and prestige classes available in the Iron Kingdoms setting. Each class or prestige class that I have information on is either linked to another document on this site or on the IK web site, or I've noted which manual and page the PrC exists on.

Iron Kingdoms Classes

These are classes available in the Iron Kingdoms in addition to the standard eleven classes presented in the player's handbook.

Gun Mage

Gun mages are wild cards, their magic comes in fits-and-starts, and few truly understand the strange bond they form with their pistols. Like sorcerers, gun mages seem to be born with this talent, but it is one that requires intense training and practice. Due to their strong desire to wield pistols and their hours of training with them, their magic is more limited than that of the sorcerer or wizard. However, they are far better combatants, though their emphasis on the pistol has limited their knowledge of other weapons.

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the Gun Mage.

Iron Kingdoms Prestige Classes

Adventuring Scholar

All of us thirst for knowledge to some degree, yet for those whom we call scholars, that thirst develops into a passion that shapes and encompasses their lives. For most scholars, this means years of intense study, keeping locked up in a bedroom, study, or library surrounded by tomes, charts, and other curiosities. For the adventuring scholar, this just isn't enough. They need to experience their passion for knowledge firsthand, and their hunger for that knowledge often takes them to places undreamed of by most. After all, somebody has to visit all those strange places they write about in those many books.

The Adventuring Scholar is found in the Monsternomicon, pages 219-223.

Bone Grinder

Bone grinders are a mysterioius lot to say the least. They are magical practitioners who shun traditional alchemy and seek to perfect their own secret arts by curing and magically preparing body parts. They come from distant lands and guard their knowledge carefully and zealously. They are known (among those few who know of them) for their spell components that can enhance spells as well as their handy magical charms, and bone grinders are not afraid to turn their abilities towards making a profit.

The Bone Grinder is found in the Monsternomicon, pages 224-228.


No information at this time.

Fell Caller

Trollkin Fell Callers use their voices to create physical and magical effects.


The Infernalist summons for otherworldly creatures and makes pacts with infernals to gain power.

Intelligence Liaison

An intelligence liaison specializes in gathering and manipulating information. Most of these individuals work as “spies” for various intelligence organizations, infiltrating social circles or organizations to steal secrets. They are masters of disguise and adaptability, capable of blending in just about anywhere. They are also capable of creating near-flawless identities for long-term projects after investing the proper amount of research and prep work. Intelligence liaisons are as quick of wit as they are on their feet, and if they don’t know how to handle a situation, they’re savvy enough to never let anyone realize it.

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Mercenary dwarves who have found a socially acceptable use for their Rogue profession.

Monster Hunter

Most people run away from monsters. Call it fear, call it common sense, call it what you will: running to safety is the first thing most people think to do when threatened by a wild beast (or worse). Well, monster hunters tend to have just the opposite reaction. They make their livelihood in hunting down the beasts of the wild. They are expert trackers and able warriors, and they tend to be far more at home out on the trail, sleeping in the mud and in the cold, than in some cushy inn or study.

The Monster Hunter is found in the Monsternomicon, pages 229-233.


The Pistoleer is a master of the one-handed firearm.


The rifleman is an exceptionally trained specialist in the use of long guns. These sharpshooters are to be found in just about any kingdom that has cultivated firearms technology, and they generally compose a small but elite segment of the local army. Almost all members of this class have had formal military training with firearms already but seek to refine their skills. These adaptable soldiers also learn skills of stealth in order to make their first shot count. A hidden rifleman makes a particularly deadly sentry.

Those riflemen who chafe at military service often turn to a life of adventure, seeking fame and fortune. Given the costs of maintaining their weapons, riflemen sometimes sell their services to the highest bidder, serving as mercenaries or adventurers for hire.

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The Warcaster uses his magic to enhance and control Steamjacks and other mechanica.