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Weapons (changes from the IK Character Primer only)

Cleft Weapons

All Cleft Weapons require the Exotic Weapon Proficiency to wield without penalty. The cleft arrow does not require any special proficiency outside that used to wield the a bow. Additionally, Cleft Arrows behave in the same way that masterwork arrows do (i.e. they are ruined after being fired). Cleft Arrows do damage dependant on the kind of bow they're fired from (1d6 for a shortbow class weapon, 1d8 for a longbow class weapon).

Ogrun War Cleaver

The Ogrun War Cleaver is a huge weapon (polearm) that has a reach of 15'. The special design of the weapon allows the weilder to make attacks against opponents 10' and 15' away, but not against opponents 5' away. The Ogrun War Cleaver is a Racial Familiarity weapon: Ogrun with access to proficiency in all Martial Weapons automatically gain proficiency in the Ogrun War Cleaver. The Ogrun War Cleaver is a martial weapon for all Ogrun. For non-Ogrun, it requires the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat.

Note: Ogrun do not have a natural reach. However, using Huge 2-handed weapons (such as a Huge Greatsword) grants them reach out to 10'. Large polearms that normally give a 10' reach to medium sized characters (such as the Longspear or Glaive), when created as a huge sized weapon for Ogrun grant a reach of 15', but cannot strike creatures within the 5' and 10' ranges.

Nyss Claymore

The Nyss Claymore is an Exotic Weapon for all non-Nyss, but a Martial weapon for all Nyss (i.e. if you have the Martial Weapon class proficiency, like Fighters, Rangers, etc, you automatically gain proficiency in the Nyss Claymore). Nyss Claymores are all considered Masterwork weapons. Additionally, they are all "heirloom weapons," making them "levelable" (I decide when they level, not you). You can use Weapon Finesse with a Nyss Claymore. Fighters, Rangers, Barbarians, and Clerics are given a Nyss Claymore (from their father/mother or possibly Mentor) at the beginning of the game. The 1000 g.p. price for a Nyss Claymore assumes you could buy one from somewhere, like a black market or a scavenged Nyss Claymore. Nyss will not sell their Claymores, they are always given as a status symbol.