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Essay 1: Illustrative Essay

A song that means something to you or is meaningful to you in some way.

Topic Refinement:
Author's Choice

5 paragraphs

Composition of paragraphs:
Introduction, 3 Supporting Paragraphs, Conclusion

Steps to produce:
1. Refine your topic.
2. Use the S.T.A.R.T. method to identify the aspects and parameters of your essay.
3. Use one or two Prewriting methods to identify your thoughts and opinions on the topic.
4. Create a rough draft by composing the supporting paragraphs first, then the introduction and conclusion.
5. Rewrite your essay to refine it.
6. Rewrite your essay based on my written feedback.
7. Produce your final draft and turn it in.


40% Initial read-through:

60% Detailed reading: