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'allo me stroppy tossers. This is the new website (under construction) for the new Iron Kingdoms campaign I'm running. Right now it's pretty bare-bones, but will be filled out soon (especially since I'm bedridden with this bum leg).

Campaign start date is August the 18th, 7:00 pm.

New additions have been added to the Lock & Load section (with multiple subsections) and the Dodgy Gubbins section.

To familiarize you with the site structure:

  • Lock & Load is a primer or important campaign information.
  • Mechstuff (IK slang: Mechanika) is the downloads page. The official character sheet and other important downloads will be found there.
  • Rummy Muckers (IK slang: odd or pecuiliar friends) is the "characters" page, where information and background for all PCs will be found, including images and special mid-game "stories."
  • Dodgy Gubbins (IK slang: suspicious paraphernalia) is the "campaign" page where maps, player handouts, and other story items will be "kept."
  • Asc. Grimwulf (Asc. is short for Ascendant, the angelic servants of the god Morrow) is contact information for me and possibly some personal information, such as pictures, biography info, etc. for the casual (non-campaign participant) visitor.
  • The skull and crossbones image is a link to Privateer Press (, the business and information site for the makers of the Iron Kingdoms. You can find lots o' useful gubbins there. However, you'll notice that the Iron Kingdoms campaign guide is over 1 1/2 years behind schedule. That's just bang out of order! Part of the reason is that they chose to focus on the IK War Machine miniatures battles side of their business, but still!
  • The Iron Kingdoms image links to the Iron Kingdoms "flavor" site ( It's horribly outdated (best I can tell the last time it was updated was on the 1st of January of this year). However, it's got some great information on there, including two prestige classes (the Rifleman and the Intelligence Liaison) and lots of short stories and good flavor stuff.